Birthday Yard Signs

We have one of the largest selection of Happy Birthday Yard Signs in North Texas with more than 30 letter colors and over 1,000 graphic signs.  Pricing for our Birthday Yard Signs range from $70 for our Mini to $85 for our full-size birthday greetings (pictured below).  Contact us for a custom display for your upcoming birthday!  

Kids Birthday Yard Signs

Kids of all ages love to receive a Happy Birthday yard sign!  To make them the perfect greeting, we gather as much information about the birthday girl or boy as we can to determine what colors they like and what hobbies they are into. We add our "Yard Notes Magic" to pull it all together into a one of a kind personalized Happy Birthday Celebration Greeting!

Please contact us if there are particular video games, characters, or themes that you might be looking for.

Teen Birthday Yard Signs

Celebrate your teen's milestones with a custom Birthday yard sign.  Our most requested themes for teen's include:  music, driving, gaming, sports, school activities such as cheerleading, social media - especially TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram.  We have a large inventory of signs to make their teen birthday extra special!  

We also carry themed accents for Sweet 16 birthday celebrations and can also spell out Happy Sweet 16 instead of Happy 16th Birthday if that is a preference.  

Adult Birthday Yard Signs

Adults need to be celebrated too!  We love creating unique Happy Birthday yard signs for milestone birthdays or anything in between. One of our favorite birthday yard signs was for an amazing father, grandfather and war veteran who turned 100!


Check out our Color and Graphic Options page and you will see over 1,000 sign options including hunting and camping, fishing, adult beverages, beach, travel, food, baking, gardening, social media, music, movies, exercise, sports, and so much more!

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