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Yard Decorations and Letter Color Options

Our lawn letters come in over 30 colors and can be used to spell out Happy Birthday, Congrats Grad, Welcome Home, or any other celebration greeting.   With over 1,000 decorative signs to choose from, your yard sign celebration will be as unique as your special someone!

Letter Color Choices

Customize your Yard Notes greeting with one of our fun letter colors!  Click on Full Alphabet or Happy Birthday below to view available color options.  Make note of what colors that you like best for your greeting as you will be able to specify your preferences when you book your greeting.

Yard Decorations for Lawns
Happy Birthday Yard Letters

Yard Sign Decorative Graphics

Our yard sign graphics are a great way to customize and decorate your greeting! All greetings come with 4-6 graphics of your choosing and you can also supersize your greeting with an additional 6 graphic signs!

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